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At DaLina Jewellery, we strive to provide our clients with some of the most spectacular diamonds and gemstones jewellery. We believe in showing only the very best.

Wearing a piece of diamonds with color gemstones jewellery is about personal expression. One piece of jewellery can say so many things. The right gem, in the right color, on the right person is a remarkable thing. Our experts can help you with selecting just the perfect piece. If you haven’t ventured into the world of color yet, let us be the experts to show you just how amazing gemstones can be.

Let us delight you with what we have to offer; from rich Sapphires, to Rubies, electric Aquamarines, and wondrous pearls surrounded by beautiful sparkling diamonds.
Dalina Jewellery is Dubai’s premier and most unique luxury diamond and gemstone jewellery collection. You will find at our store the perfect jewellery pieces, from bold-fashion to timeless classics that will never go out of style.

About us

Inspired by nature | Let us bring it closer to you

Dalina Jewellery is one of the leading jewellery brands in Dubai, specializing in innovative fashion and classical diamond jewellery for the modern woman. Dalina jewellery has been in business for over 15 years serving Dubai residents and tourists. Now, Dalina jewellery has a customer base from all over the world with 90% repeat business: a friend forever.

Dalina Jewellery features an affordable range of fine jewellery that has grown with its increasingly wider customer base to feature a comprehensive mix of designs to provide maximum choice for the stylish woman. Dalina’s inspired collections offer women trend updates for their wardrobe every season. Dalina’s pieces feature styles ranging from everyday fashion to special occasions, redefining affordable, elegant luxury.

Our commitment

Is to work relentlessly to give you the most memorable experiences while offering you the best possible service, selection, quality, and value to meet any woman’s stylish aspirations.

Custom Fine Jewellery Design

At DaLina Jewellery, we believe jewellery is an expression of your personality and everyone deserves a piece of jewellery that is special and unique. Our in-house designers are inspired by this ideology, designing and crafting a piece that is as special and unique as you are. Our artisans enable you to bring your ideas and dreams to life in a piece of jewellery that was designed just for you; a piece that you will treasure and will be proud to pass down to future generations. If you’re looking to design a custom engagement ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace, our designers will make the process an enjoyable experience you’ll never forget.

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